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9 out of 10 new single family homes built in the Midwest feature natural gas.


Natural gas is the best value for your energy dollar.  The initial investment to bring the benefit of natural gas into your home or business will have a short pay back period.  You can quickly recover your investment by saving utility dollars into the future.  There is a reason why more people choose natural gas than all other heating sources combined! 
   Northeast Ohio is your local natural gas public utility.  We specialize in the installation of natural gas systems in rural areas aimed at supplying you, the customer, with an uninterrupted supply of low cost, warm, convenient, and clean natural gas.  Northeast Ohio has been in the natural gas business since 1987.  We operate out of 2 Ohio offices located in Lancaster and Strasburg with the same common goals; to provide a safe, reliable, low cost energy source, while working hard to meet all your customer service needs.
   We’re confident that once you have had the opportunity to consider natural gas as your energy source, you will come to the same conclusion that we have, “There is no better energy value on the market today then safe, clean, efficient and reliable natural gas”.  We look forward to becoming your utility partner for dependable and efficient natural gas service to your home.

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By State Code, you own the service line that connects your house to our pipeline that typically runs along the street.  The service line is a small plastic or metal pipe that brings gas to your house.  You are responsible for the cost associated with the customer owned service line.  You should consult with a certified third party contractor to install your service line, or for your convenience Northeast Ohio does offer a cost-competitive service line installation program.  Our customer service staff will be happy to assist with your questions or ideas, so please contact us to learn more.


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